Format changes for U5, U7 and U8 Divisions

  • The U5 division will follow a Jamboree format. What this means is that players can be moved around between teams to help balance them out resulting in more enjoyment for all participants.
  • The U5 division coaches will be assisted by a professional coach from Challenger Soccer. This is a exciting change for our region since ALL players will be taught exactly the same skills and ALL coaches will be taught exactly how to teach these skills.
  • The U7 division will no longer play with goal keepers. We have been a little slow complying with AYSO National policy, but now is the time.
  • Two years ago a pilot program was introduced allowing coaches to stand behind the goal to help the young goal keepers in the U7 and U8 divisions. Unfortunately there have been far too many instances of coaches abusing this privilege. Therefore, starting this season, coaching will no longer be allowed from behind the goal.