Parents: Many teams have been distributed to coaches, but while some coaches have contacted players already and setup team meetings, other coaches have not yet received their teams. If you have multiple players, please don’t be concerned if you have heard from one coach but not another. Many families, coaches included, may be out of town or otherwise not yet available to receive their team list, or contact players. The 2014 season for U5-U14 teams starts on Saturday, September 6th, so there is still time to hear from your coach(es).

If your player is in U5 or U6, you may not hear from your coach until much closer to the start of the season, since those divisions do not have practice/training sessions during the week and do not practice before the season starts.

If your player was a late registration (the registration was mailed-in), they would be on a waitlist and we may not know if they will be able to be placed on a team until later in the month.