American Youth Soccer Organization -- Newbury Park, CA

FAQs for Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Posted are some questions that we get every year. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact me.

  1. Who needs to be certified?
    Every coach and assistant coach. If there are multiple assistants then all must be certified in order to work with the players during practice.
  2. I coached U5 last year, do I need to re-certify this year?
    No. If you coached U5 last year then you should already be U6 certified. The certification levels are good for 2 age groups. Therefore, U8 certification covers the coach for the U7 and U8 seasons.
  3. What happens if I’m on vacation and cannot attend a clinic?
    Apart from the July and August clinics hosted in Newbury Park, there are several offered by neighboring regions that you may attend. Clinics hosted by Area E, V or W have an agreement where our Region is not charged. If you plan on attending a clinic outside of these Areas please let me know.
  4. I did my U10 course online last year, isn’t that good enough?
    Area E have informed us that the online courses are no longer acceptable. You might have coached in an Area where the online was ok, but not here.
  5. My USSF ‘E’ license should be good enough, right?
    Yes and no. There is some reciprocity between AYSO and Club soccer. Exact information can be found HERE. However, this will not substitute for U6, U8 or U10 certification.
  6. I’m a coach trying to find referees for tournaments in the post season, can you help? 
    Yes, please see the 2014-2015 Tournament Referees List. This lists Region 42 referees who are interested in refereeing in post season tournaments. You can e-mail them to see if they’re available for your tournaments.


Even more questions can be found on the website here, and here.