American Youth Soccer Organization -- Newbury Park, CA

Referee Points System and Team Referees

Region 42 strives to provide certified referees for each game at U7 or above. Our goal is to provide one center referee for the U7 & U8 games and a team of three referees for the competitive divisions, U10, U12 & U14. To allow us to achieve this goal we need in excess of 160 referee slots to be filled each week. In order to ensure that we have the referee slots filled we need each team to provide us with volunteer referees.

Team Referees – Summary

Every team from U5 to U14 needs to provide a referee.

  • For U5/6 the coaches are the referees.
  • For U7/8 each team needs to provide an adult referee who will referee their own child’s games. They must be certified by taking the U8-Official clinic (see Clinics Flyer here).
  • For U10/12/14 each team needs to provide an adult referee who will referee games other than their own child’s games. They must be certified by taking the Basic Referee clinic (or higher) (see Clinics Flyer here). They will earn referee points for their team during the season.

Team Referees and the Referee Points System – Details

U7/8 Divisions

In Region 42 our U7/8 divisions are responsible for their own officiating. U7/8 teams are expected to provide adult referees who have been certified via the U8-Official clinic (see Clinics Flyer here) to officiate during their child’s game as the center referee. The time commitment is minimal for these adult referees. The U8-Official clinic is five hours long. Each team only needs to cover half of the season’s ten games (since each game has two teams, and only one center referee is needed per game), which is about another five hours. Youth referees are also incentivized via the Youth Referee Program to take U7/8 center and assistant referee assignments. Referee points will not be awarded for U7/8 center referee or assistant referee assignments (adult or youth) at any time during the season.

Remember, if there is no certified referee for a game, then the game cannot be played!

(see U7/8 Team Referees Needed Flyer here)

U10/12/14 Divisions – The Referee Points System

For the past several years our region has used a referee points system to reward teams that supply certified adult (18 or older) referees for our games. Each team is asked to supply at least one adult referee (preferably new, and preferably not the coach) for the season. Each team’s coach will encourage parents to volunteer for this opportunity. Referee points earned by a team’s adult referee are added to the team’s total points and therefore will affect standings. 

Youths 12 to 17 years old are also highly encouraged to referee. Certified youth referees can earn points toward a separate incentive program. Certified youth referees do not earn points for teams. 

Referees are AYSO volunteers and must complete their Volunteer Registration on the eAYSO web site. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all of their volunteers meet this obligation. Referees who have not registered as volunteers will not be able to take part in AYSO games and therefore will not be able to earn points for their teams.

Details of the Points System
  • Teams that have a certified adult referee representing them can earn up to a maximum of 14 points during the season.
  • Teams can earn a maximum of 2 points per week.
  • Teams can have multiple adult referees representing them for points. In those situations, adjustments will not be made if the multiple referees do not coordinate their referee assignments to meet the 2 points per week team maximum.
  • Referees and assistant referees earn one point each per game.
  • Referees and assistant referees can earn more than 2 points per week if they are representing multiple teams.
  • Referee points will be added to the team’s total points in the standings.
  • Coaches are responsible for verifying that their referees are earning points.
  • Requests to review or modify referee point totals may be submitted to the Referee Scheduler up until week 8 of the season. After week 8, point review requests cannot be accepted.

Information for Referees
  • New referees must complete the online Safe Haven course, the online Concussion Awareness Training and a referee clinic.
  • Please see the Region 42 Referee Clinics flyer for details on the courses being hosted in Newbury Park.
  • A list of other available clinics in the area is posted on the calendar on the Area 10E website.
  • Volunteers already certified as AYSO referees do not need to repeat the clinics.
  • Training and uniforms are free to Region 42 volunteers.
  • All referees must complete an eAYSO volunteer form on the website. Returning volunteers can edit their information on line and electronically sign their volunteer forms; they will not need to print any copies. All NEW volunteers should print out and sign TWO copies and have IDs checked when turning them in to their coach or referee staff. Again, returning volunteers do not need to print copies or have their ID’s checked.
  • All referees will be required to register with our on-line scheduling program. This allows them to schedule games around their own schedule. The referee will also be able to assign a team affiliation for the point system.
  • On a normal game day we typically have a few open slots that have not been scheduled in the on line system. Referees filling in for an additional game can earn a point for that game as long as they enter their details on the master schedule at the referee tent. Note, however that teams can earn a maximum of 2 referee points per week.
  • Youth referees (younger than 18 yrs) who have completed the upgrade process and are Intermediate level or higher can represent a team for points, at the discretion of the referee staff.
  • Reminder: referee points will not be awarded for center referee or assistant referee assignments in U7/8.