American Youth Soccer Organization -- Newbury Park, CA

Using the Self-Scheduling System


Thank you for volunteering to be a referee. Again this year we are using an online scheduling system. The system is located at (This link will open in a new window)

RETURNING REFEREES: Please be sure to update your profile for the new season, including team(s) you are representing, badge level, your comfort level and your AYSO Id.

ALL REFEREES: Remember to check out the information on our Referee Mentoring Program


The Referee Scheduling system is located at link will open in a new window

Please see the following slides to learn how to use the Referee Scheduling system (note that the link below may download the file, or prompt you to open the file in PowerPoint, or open the file within your browser, depending on which browser you’re using):

AYSO Region 42 Referee Scheduling System and Mentoring Program Training v4


If you have not yet used the system, the first step is to register in the system as a Newbury Park referee.

Where the prompt on the opening screen says “Not registered yet?” click on “Please register now.”

Complete or update your profile.

Please complete all fields. You can locate your AYSO Id by logging in to your account at .

Each weekend, please limit yourself to one center and two assistant referee assignments.  As openings occur, more than one center will be allowed. You will receive an email when your games are approved.